Common myths about data recovery: What is right and what is wrong

Right and Wrong About Data Recovery

Losing data can make people desperate and irrational, and it is in desperate situations that people invent all kinds of strange and quite often untrue theories as to how they can recover their data. Data Recovery Lab will uncover what theories are right and what is wrong.

Read and learn more of the most common myths about data recovery:

  1. “Data cannot be recovered once you have formatted a drive.” WRONG. We CAN recover it.
  2. “Data that has been deleted cannot be recovered.” WRONG. As long as the data has not been overwritten by a new set of data, deleted data such as documents, pictures, music, emails, etc. CAN be recovered.
  3. “Data that has been overwritten is recoverable. bukméker képzésWRONG. Overwritten data is NOT recoverable. this is because spaces used by data that has been marked as “deleted” by the operating system is replaced by new data. The more data written onto a formatted hard disk, the less likely to recover the data; However some RAW data recovery may be possible using advance disk editing technicians. Call 0207 516 1077 or visit Data Recovery Lab to discuss the case.
  4. “There is a universal tool available that can recover data from all hard disk drives irrespective of the drive’s state.” WRONG. There is no such general and universal way to recover data from a faulty hard disk; in fact in the majority of the cases each hard drive failure may require an individual approach to achieve a full and successful recovery.
  5. “There are devices that can be placed next to a computer in order to extract the data from a faulty hard disk drive.” WRONG. How can anyone recover any data from a failing hard disk without even CONNECTING it to the faulty hard disk which is the subject of data recovery.
  6. “A hard disk drive can be wiped by placing a strong magnet close to the drive.” WRONG. Most hard drives use magnetic shielding to prevent any loss of data just in case they comes into contact with device which has magnetic properties such as a speaker, strong electric current, medical equipment, cordless phones, mobile phone, walkie-talkies, etc. 887 tippmix
  7. “Data is always recoverable.” RIGHT. However there are THREE exceptions to this rule. A) Data is not overwritten, B)The surface of the platters inside the hard disk which holds the data is NOT scratched by landing of a failing read/write head; C)The hard disk has NOT been professionally securely wiped by a military grade wiping tool to ensure permanent clean-up of the data for security and data protection compliance reasons.
  8. “Placing a hard disk drive in a refrigerator solves hard disk failures issues.” WRONG. The shock and contraction caused to the disk can cause even further damage to the heads and consequently head swaps and hard disk repair for the purpose of data recovery will become permanently impossible. tippmix livescore
  9. “Blue laser technology can be used for data recovery.” WRONG. There is no such thing as blue laser technology to recover data.
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