Data loss does not need to be a disaster

You were working on your dissertation and suddenly your computer screen went blue! OK.

You restart the computer, the computer turns on with a long delay. No sign of the Windows logo or anything else! Then you get the dreaded message “The Operating System Not Found!. Insert the boot disk and press any key”. Furthemore, the clicking sound coming from the computer does not look good at all! What a calamity! You realise your hard disk has crashed and all your dissertation including all your emails, photos and other documents are gone! Well, perhaps you can live with the loss of some photos and the emails and some doucuments. But what about your dissertation which is due next week and for which you have been researching for the past 3 months. This is disasterous! You meant to back up your data to an external hard drive several times but you just postponed it until this happened. You bang on the desk and blame yourself for not backing your data and how stupid you were not to have backed up your data. You think you will never get your data back. However difficult this situation is, you should know, that help is at hand. Your situation is not unique. But you need specialist help. The only people who can help is a data recovery company. An IT support person cannot recover the data but perhaps they can help you find a suitable and reputable data recovery company. One such company, who were among the first data recovery companies in the UK established in 2001, is Data Recovery Lab. Just call 0207 516 1077 and they will be very happy to help you recover all your data and advise you on how the process of data recovery works.