Livescribe Smartpen

The Livescribe digital voice recorder is an electronic pen that allows you to write on paper and digitize it. This records audio with its ballpoint tip and plays it back through its built/in phone speaker or headphones, making it useful for lectures and interviews. The smartpen syncs with your mobile or tablet so you can get your insights anywhere. When you’re writing on paper and want to show it with someone else, you may export that to a PDF FORMAT file or perhaps line-by-line impression.

The Livescribe smartpen is available in several different variants, each having a different sum of storage area. It can retail outlet 100 several hours of sound. It also enables you to write up to six webpages at a time, so that you can use it being a recorder for a video or a concert. Its battery-life is remarkable and it can last as long as 14 hours between expenses. The Livescribe digital voice recorder is compatible with iOS units with Bluetooth Smart Ready. This consists of the iPhone 4S and later, ipad from apple Mini, and fifth generation iPod touch. The pen is compatible with iOS 7, so it is appropriate for the new type of Apple’s iOS.

The Livescribe smartpen features built-in storage area, which allows you to install several applications as you want. It includes a calculator and übersetzungsprogramm, which come in handy when you want to remember a few numbers or translate anything. One of the most echo livescribe opportunities useful top features of the digital voice recorder is their ability to record more than 95 hours of audio per gigabyte of memory. It also has a headphone jack and USB slot, so you can listen to lectures or podcasts into it, and upload them to your pc.