Retrieving Lost Data – File Recovery Tools: How Good Are They?

Can I use data recovery tools so heavily advertised on the internet?

If you search for “data recovery software”  in the Google search box, will be surprised to find hundreds and hundreds of websites and online shops trying to offer you “FREE” data recovery software. Almost all these developers or data recovery software marketeers claim their software does just magic and can bring all your lost and deleted data back from the dead!

But how can we be certain this is true?

At first sight, they claim the the data recovery software is absolutely “free” by which they actually mean it is free to “download and try”. When you download and install these applications, you will also realise that these recovery applications will scan your hard disk and find some files but when you hit the “recover” button, you will be asked to upgrade the free version and pay for the right data recovery tool. OK. you purchase the software and do a full scan and attempt to recover the data. But does actually work? You may be disappointed to know that the majority of these so-called “data recovery tools” are actually reverse-engineered or white label versions of other software developers with mixed capabilities in tackling data loss. Don’t be surprised if you are disappointed if you find out that after spending £60-£95 no data has actually been recovered. At this point, you wish you might have been better off to call a specialist data recovery company and save time and money.

Unfortunately the consequences of using a data recovery software application is unpredictable. Some are good and some others can make a successful data recovery just impossible. If your data is important, do NOT risk it by using a downloaded data recovery software as you may never your get data back.

DIY data recovery is not recommended in cases where critical data is involved and data loss can be disastrous in on business or personal level. More information, you can find at this website.